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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Sub Drop - How to Deal

So what do you do about sub drop? 

I get it, lots of subs get it. I think Doms get Dom drop and maybe that's different but probably similar, a reaction after the intensity and the connection and the adrenaline? 

Someone else mentioned it yesterday. They didn't call it by name, but clearly they knew it could happen and because of that decided not to have a session. They were avoiding the possibility of sub drop. 

I've never avoided play because of possible sub drop, though maybe I should have sometimes. I never really expect that it will happen to me. I'm normally a fairly level person. Oh stop, I see you snorting and rolling your eyes. Yes you. 

I think with sub drop, because it doesn't happen right away, like the second I'm finished the session, I don't always connect the dots and realize what it is and what caused it. So... sometimes I recognize it and sometimes I don't. 

What I know about sub drop for me is that I get emotional, clingy, dramatice.  I'm cold. I'm a bit self destructive. I medicate with food. 

I just googled it and there are tons of articles... I'm going to research. I will be back. 

But in the meantime if you have stories or good suggestions or bad suggestions or, please comment. You guys are the experts, I think we are all the experts, right?


  1. It has happened to me, altho it is not a regular occurrence. The first time I was emotional...weepy, uneasy, feeling really our of sorts and cold. I did not recognize it as sub drop, until that night when I was complaining to Master on how I was feeling, and He nailed it...sub drop.
    He was away so gave me permission for some chocolate (it does cure everything in my book), told me to snuggle up with some warm jammies and be good to myself. He then added, if or when it happens again I am to let Him know ASAP. It has happened and if possible we just enjoy some quiet time together, with Him spoiling me a bit. The scariest part, I think, is not recognizing it and wondering what is wrong with you. My best advice, be good to yourself, take it easy, and do tell your partner.
    hugs abby

  2. No snorting. I'll admit to a small giggle. You are pretty level, except when you're not. Those exceptions are rather spectacular though. ;(|)

  3. I never really experience that. Does that mean I', really not a sub? Or that Molly is too easy on me? Mick

    1. Mick I have been researching and I think you don't (or at least not as much) because you are a man.

  4. Is sub-drop the same as sub-space? My wife spanks me to remove tension in my life. I have a very stressful job, and stress can both build up over weeks or an incident can cause it seconds. A very hard spanking (with significant bruising) sends me into sub-space. When I am in sub-space I can feel the strikes, but I don't care because I am floating in a wonderful cloud of endorphins. She can hit me in a fresh place, change instruments- it doesn't matter. However, the deeper I go the more dangerous it is, because she can really damage me and not know it until later. There have been times where I was so deep in subspace that I was drooling because I couldn't care about swallowing.

    However, moments after she stops, I start coming back and I need aftercare- a lot of aftercare. It is a real bonding moment. I need her so much that I typically wind myself around her. I am so wiped out, that with 15 minutes I am in a deep sleep. I usually do not say a word until after I wake up. When I wake up, all of the stress is gone and I feel on top of the world. My bottom? Well, it will be marked for a week or two.

    There was one time my wife had to leave to take care of an issue immediately after a hard spanking. She hugged me for about a minute and left. It was horrible. I felt like she had abandoned me. Within minutes I was curled in a ball, hugging myself. I did not fall asleep. When my wife got back (about a hour or so), she had to hold me for a long-long time.

    To me aftercare is part and parcel of spanking.

    1. I think sub drop is what happens after you've been in subspace. And yes, it's holding, loving, aftercare.