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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Place I'd Like to Go - Day 1

There are so many places I'd like to travel. How can I choose?
I’d like to go everywhere. And somehow there aren’t that many places I’ve been.
I always thought I would travel more. But first I was in school forever. Jobs were hard to find and I was good at school so I did several degrees and finished late. There was really no money for travel at that point.
After grad school I found a job, got married and started having babies pretty quickly. Once again there wasn’t the time or the money to travel much.
I did go a couple of places, to France and to England. They were the top of my list of must see places, but there were so many other places I wanted to see.
So what’s on my bucket list? Everything? Everywhere? No, not really.
But the top of the list is Italy. 

I’ve always wanted to go to Italy.
From the time I was a little girl there was a fascination, first with the Romans. The Gods and Goddesses, the Roman Empire, the legions, all of it. History everywhere. Later the Renaissance, the castles and cathedrals, Vatican City, museums, statues, paintings, Florence, Rome, Naples, Venice, Tuscany. 2000 years of history and museums and galleries and beauty.
I knew a woman once, who used to rent a villa in Tuscany every year for a month or so. I was and am so envious.  
Two of my best friends got married a couple of years ago and went to Italy for their honeymoon. They’re both arty, creative, they spent weeks in museums. I wanted to go too.
I want to see it all, I want to stay for months and see every bit of it. My family is disinterested. I might be able to talk them into a couple of days, perhaps a week. I’d never persuade them to go for longer.
So that’s my dream vacation.
Sure there are other places too, Spain, Portugal, back to France to see the castles in the Loire Valley. China, India, Nepal. Hawaii (it seems so exotic to me, I know it probably isn’t but I want to go anyway!), Turkey, Egypt, Brazil.
But Italy is my first choice.


  1. My favorite trip was a tour of Italy. No photos can adequately show the beauty of this country.


  2. ooh- now I want to go to Italy too!


    1. think how much fun we'd have together!

  3. mmmm Italy
    I, like you, want to travel, and is at the top of my list this year as well...does not matter where I go, as long as I end up somewhere


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  5. I have visited Italy and loved it so much, I can see why it is top of your list. We took my son and his cousin to Rome for their 18th birthdays, so hopefully I have spread the joy on that one!

  6. Florence is so beautiful it makes my heart hurt a little. Italy in general is amazing. There are beaches and mountains too if it's the art galleries that are putting your family off! Plus all the amazing food...

    Oh, travelling - it's so exciting even just dreaming about it and planning I find. I hope you get there.

    1. J, I'm envious of your trip to Florence. And maybe you're right about the food and the beaches and the mountains helping my family get past all those galleries.

  7. Italy is nice but doesn't "call" me. I want to see Mt. Everest, travel to Nepal, sit with monks. Hawaii is on my list...I was there as a child but only in the airport so that doesn't count, really. Alaska...I have a huge hankering to go there, and Madagascar. :) Oh, and Paris but just so I can go to the Louvre. Funny what calls to us. I moved a lot as a child and didn't want to do that as an adult. Mostly I like being someplace 4-5 days before I get the hankering to go home again. Though if I wound up in the Northern Rockies I might change my mind.


    1. Hey Nilla,
      I've been to Alaska and the Yukon and they were spectacular. Scenery and history and people. Hard to get a salad though.

  8. Ohhhhh, I have been there. Florence, in your pic, was especially wonderful. It was a long time ago, and I'd love to go back. There is so much history there, and I find that fascinating. Ravenna was also a really lovely smaller city.

    What I remember about Rome was LOTS of walking, and really hot (went in the summer).

    I'd love to visit Australia someday, and New Zealand, and India, and China, and Germany, Austria, just about anywhere that isn't currently having a war, really.

  9. There are a lot of places mouse would love to see (Daddy loves to travel), but honestly finds the idea of traveling wonderful more so in fact than actually traveling. Especially today with the way the airports are...


    1. Oh Mouse, I totally agree, I hate airports these days. But I still want to go places.