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Sunday, November 3, 2013


Do you love when you're in a group of people and you see little hints of D/s and it makes you wonder about the stories behind the little gestures?

I went to a party last night.  There was a couple there, the woman slightly older, the man a bit younger. I've met them before, and was struck by the same things then.

She seemed to be in her early 50s, overweight but still attractive, well dressed. She had on those high boots that I always think Dommes should wear. 

He was nice looking but a bit anxious seeming. Or was that just attentive? He's tall, slim, he obviously works out. I'd say he was about 38, maybe a little older.

He brought her plates of things, they fed each other.

Their talk ranged from casual to pretty sexual, hmmm, had sexual elements in it. It wasn't uncomfortable for bystanders or eavesdroppers.

And they touched each other a lot.  Just little touches, a hand on a thigh, a shoulder, the middle of his back.

In my mind, they are a Domme and her boy. They've been together a long time; they're good together. And whether in or out, he serves her, he brings her things, he is at her command. The feed each other food, he because that's what she orders, she feeds him because he loves taking food from her hands. It's funny, how feeding someone can be service or something a little humiliating depending on the point of view.

I don't think they did it when they got home last night. The Domme was tired. But probably this morning, as I write this, he's serving her somehow. Either servicing her body, as she commands, as he knows she likes, or bringing her breakfast afterward.

Mmmmm. Lucky them.


  1. Interesting, sin. I'm particularly struck by your example of their feeding each other. How the same action can be interpreted so differently depending on the lens through which you regard it.

    And it reminds me of the night my Master and I spent together a couple of weeks ago. How he would have me butter a piece of bread for him - a very old-fashioned gesture from a women for a man. (Such wonderful bread, too, at a French restaurant, so it was a very sensual experience.) One time, the waitress was coming to the table when I started preparing the bread, so she saw the action. We wondered what she thought...


  2. I love watching those sort of interactions also. There can be so much meaning behind a small action, and if you know a little bit about the couple, and what it may mean to them, that is all the more engaging.

  3. Hmmm.....was I at a party last night??? No...wasn't me :) Besides, my sub is a bit younger and I'm more svelte than I once was.

    I think you're spot on sin!


  4. Good call sin. I enjoy watching those interactions between a dominant and a sub.