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Saturday, November 2, 2013

It's Complicated

In stories and movies and in our thinking, relationships are supposed to "progress".

They become more important, more committed, more intense. There's more time, more emotion, more everything. And then they live happily ever after. Or something.

My relationship is going the other way. Less of all that. And yet I'm supposed to just hang on.

It's not over. It's fine.

But it's shifted from the exotic and entrancing thing it was.

And some days I'm happy with it. Or at least content.

Other days I'm frustrated because I know what it was. I say frustrated, but that includes a sad and angry and resigned. And fearful that it's getting worse faster.

On rare days, it's blissful and that recharges me.

It's complicated I guess.


  1. We tend to think of relationships as being linear, but I find it is more often like a dance - you go back and forth and back and forth - as long as the music doesn't stop, you are still on the floor, though it might not be where you thought you'd be.

    I hope you find the joy of the music again, and soon.

    1. thank you, that's actually very sweet. And kind of reassuring


  2. Aren't all relationships complicated? Even the ones that on surface seem completely uncomplicated.


  3. yes, I think all relationships, if they are real relationships, ARE complicated. Good reminder mouse!