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where to go now?

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Just FYI, I'm not posting anything else til I get some indication that someone is reading these.

This is supposed to be a conversation, not a one sided monologue.

You can agree or disagree or whatever. But that's my line in the sand.

Validate me.


  1. Reading...but...been sucks...burned the ossobucco.

  2. I am always here, to tell you that!

  3. You are now Officially Monkey Sanctioned.

    You may proceed.


  4. I read here every day...guilty of not keeping the convo going.....
    hugs abby

  5. I'm sorry... I read you all the time too, but too often I'm not signed in as the correct persona to comment, and I'm too lazy to sign out and sign in, then sign out and in again to get back to my vanilla self. Sorry. I will try not to be so darn lazy. And to maintain some conversation. And I appreciate that you comment on my blog - thank you.


  6. Guess who else reads here everyday? As much as I was concerned about this blog early on, I totally enjoy it and your writings now, subgirl. Well, most days anyway. He smiles at her

  7. Waves hands frantically- I am here!!!!


  8. My second attempt at commenting. Blogger screwed up my first. I am someone who reads here. I love your posts. Your honesty.

  9. i read all of your posts, though sometimes my tiny terrorist keeps me too busy to comment. i have even forwarded a couple to Master when your words have made more sense than my thoughts.

  10. I read this blog every day! I have been meaning to email you but have been so tied up at work I just haven't done it. I am sorry I haven't taken the time to write to you.

  11. I ALWAYS read your blog. I just don't always comment.

  12. I too read every day, As a D who has recently lost his pet (and feeling a bit lost himself because of it) and.. well.. ya I read


  13. me too.... I read. There are days when I can't think of anything to say that doesn't sound bitter, pouty, and miserable. I try not to spread that around... but I AM here.


  14. Aww, I love you guys. Old friends and lurkers. And I'm glad I was pouty enough to post this and elicit all these comments!



  15. sometimes we read but have nothing worthy or amusing enough to say, Sin.


  16. Many, myself included at the moment, read, enjoy, and digest the conversation, but don't feel we have anything meaningful to add to the conversation, either at that very moment, or in general; at least this way the conversation is kept towards signal over noise.

    I just found this blog tonight and am enjoying it. Perhaps I will have something worth contributing in the future.
    Post, and they will come.

    - a new reader

  17. I still love your blog

    Ally (from Ally Steps Forward)