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Monday, December 29, 2008


Today has been slow, and so far my resolution is holding. Dont eat like a pig, dont eat because I am sad or stressed. Keep track of what goes in my mouth. Do my runs. I KNOW this will work for me, if I stick with it, but damn its hard to start.

And I know that tomorrow all my resolve will go to hell in a hurry when my houseguests arrive. And stay there til they leave on Saturday or Sunday, and then I will need to start over.

Ooops, pity moment. Must think resolve. Must think about success. Focus on the steps needed to get to where i want to be and on the goal itself.

the goal in this case is to be thin and beautiful (how thin and beautiful is up for thought and discussion and not completely determined yet) and to run a half marathon. No time specified, but I would obviously like to beat the last one. Shouldnt be impossible, the time was pretty lame.

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