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Friday, March 4, 2011

Would You Rather... ?

So the question seems to be - would you rather fuck the man with the pussy or the chick with the dick?

I found this I found the pic and the question and brought it back here because I am curious about the reaction. And don't feel like writing anything - though really I do have topics now so don't give up on me completely ok?

And the question is meant for straight men according to the caption - which I love, as much or more than the pics, cause it aggressively forces the issue. Choose. And if you don't choose it's because you are sexually insecure.

So if you do answer - I'm curious about your sexuality? Male or female, straight or gay?

I find both of them attractive... sort of.

It came from here btw


  1. sin,

    Well that sooo not easy...neither are that appealing to mouse...but gotta say the dick wins, even if it comes with boobs.


  2. Omigoodness. I think I'd have to go with the dick too. I think. Sheesh. Yeah. The dick.


  3. Well all I can say to this is sometimes a cigar is more tan a cigar.

  4. The girl with the dick for sure. Boobies are fun to play with too but I don't know how fun it would be to have both.

    My straight husband agrees.

  5. Got to go with the chick with the dick. The best of both worlds!!!Lovely boobies, and big hard dick, all in the same package? I could do that. ;D I would do that.


  6. oh lordee, the things you come up with sin!! lol

    chick with dick for me too.


  7. This makes me grateful for my contractual obligations to Mistress Molly, because neither choice seems very appealing. Mick

  8. The chick with the dick for sure. There is something very sexy about that to me for some reason, and I'm as straight as can be.

  9. Both! I want both. Why do I have to choose? :P

  10. omg ...lesbian in vanilla life, and bisexual in the closet...and you post a beeutiful pic of a chick and a dick and think i'll look twice at a guy with a pussy?


    chick n dick for sure!


  11. The guy with the vagina if not only so I could belittle him for having a twat. I'm a strictly dickly woman but he might be the exception, and definitely not for his looks haha.

  12. Now there's a question! And, in the spirit of adventure I am not going to 'cop out' of making a choice despite being straight
    It undoubtedly has to be the Chick with the Dick - and I would probably quite enjoy it too. As for that bloke with the pussy - yuck I would run a mile :)

  13. I would definitely choose the chick with the dick. I've always been somewhat fascinated by breasts, but had an aversion to vaginas. This is the best of both!