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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hair Again

Back to hair as promised. I had several comments from people who had some first hand knowledge of head shaving that I found fascinating. I followed up on a couple and people responded. Here is Mouse's version of Omega's experience with shaving

Omega once was involved with a girl (not new to slavery) who had issues with submitting herself fully to her Dom (she was a bit of a smart assed sub). O didn't really own the girl (at first), but was training her for someone else.

After a couple weeks, he realized that she needed a more permanent reminder of her commitment to slavery. This was after long discussion about her beliefs, her family, friends, etc. He had to take into consideration where she worked, etc. She was also living with him 24-7, so he was there to help her and build that trust between them.

The first step was he removed her bed from the room he let her use, second step was he took away all her clothing and locked it up. He would determine what she wore....After a couple weeks he found it wasn't enough for that one. The girl required more or further pushing.

He dragged her out of bed in the middle of the night, cuffed her hands to her feet and shaved her head. He picked out horrible wigs for to wear in public but rewarded her with more pleasing wigs as she learned to behave. The effect was immediate. With the loss of her hair her submission increased greatly or in other words, she realized that nothing was in her control anymore.

He continued shaving her head after that. After around 3 months he felt she was trained enough and returned her to her owner. A short time after that her owner released her back to O, giving a lame excuse (not a training issue but more of a money issue or something). So O decided to keep her (he already owned another girl around that time as well) until he could find her another suitable owner. A year went by and he found her a home. She's never been happier and still talks to O (he mentors her) and is still friends with her owner.

Omega actually likes hair on women...long hair so he can grab it caveman style. So mouse does believe it really was done as a last resort. He demands that mouse's hair be kept just below her collarbone. Recently after a trip to the salon, mouse was nearly punished for allowing her hair to be cut slightly shorter than that. He took out a measuring stick and decided it was right on the line.

She notes that Omega has led an interesting life. I agree.

So ummmm, do you think it would be scary to have a Dom who had already shaved one girl's head?


  1. I think I got distracted by the line about "training her for someone else."

    Hmmm....that sounds interesting.

  2. Although I don't consider myself a beautiful woman, vanity is my weakness. Thankfully, I trust my Master wholly and he understands that as well as worshipping him, I have a professional life I have to keep up. I can't fly to England to visit him if no one will work with the strange looking court reporter. But this was so interesting to read and get my brain clicking a bit...

  3. sin...

    When you put it that way...ya mouse guesses it would be little bit scary having a Dom that's already done it. Then again maybe it also helps making obeying da rulz a little easier...LOL


  4. Mick, yeah, I think Omega has some interesting stories to tell. Was that a tiny hint of envy in your comment?

    His Girl, I think that's the point of it. We are all vain and for most of us our hair is a huge component of what we think of as our beauty.

    And mouse, you made me giggle with that. Thanks for sharing your story.