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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Yep, more on hair. I was actually going to write a different post on hair, so there might be more again tomorrow too. So if you hate it, you may have to distract me eventually...

I was reading through my comments yesterday on Day 2 on Hair and found the following comment:

The answer is YES I would shave my head. There is no such thing as NO. Reluctance can be dealt with and a wig will cover the vanilla situation. The back of my head is shaved now and thankfully I can still cover it with my long hair. And yes there were tons of tears with my mouth around his cock while he cut it and then shaved it. I held really still as he pushed my head down his shaft as he stroked the razor up my nape and scalp. He was hard the entire time and came really fast after it was done. I am to remind everyone that our context is subtle because HE likes it not because I do. ... He left with a pony tail of hair in his pocket this morning.

Anonymous from yesterday

At first I thought, oh another person whose head has been shaved. There are some, and their points of view which they have shared here have intrigued me and fed the discussion between my Owner and I over the past couple of days as well as the discussion here. Interesting.

But then I began to notice the similarities between this and my Owners fantasy scene. Her kneeling at his feet with his cock in her mouth. He trims away her hair and then shaves it as she kneels and sucks obediently. Trying to please him, or at least to obey though she cries as he cuts her hair. (My Owner wants the fantasy to include the fact that she still wants to please him even through her tears).

There were things that I didn't completely understand in the message though, some of the emphasis on subtlety for example. And then I noticed that the signature was "Anonymous from yesterday" and though hmmm, I don't think I realized that Anonymous from yesterday was a YES vote.

So I went back and checked. Anonymous from yesterday wasn't a YES, she was a NO.

In that day's comments she had said that it would be a violation of trust in their relationship, that she needed her hair to negotiate her days in the context of her vanilla world of soccer moms and professional colleagues. She said that him asking her to shave her head would risk all this, would risk damage, would be like asking her to lick arsenic. She also said that her relationship worked in subtle hidden ways, in little details not in grand gestures, in her creativity and in the little aches and pains (oh I do know those aches and pains) that served to reinforce her submissive state and remind her of his control.

So why the change Anonymous?

I doubt she changed her mind. I assume he changed it for her. In my version of the tale she mentioned my post to him, said look this is crazy, who would let their hair be shaved and he took it as a dare, as an act of bravado he could not let pass. The discussion escalated. Maybe she said he wouldn't dare. Maybe he got mad. Maybe she did.

Eventually he went to collect the things he needed, took her into the bathroom and made her kneel. Told her what he was going to do. She started to cry. He didn't cut it all, just some of it. Just enough to show her he could do it. And that she would submit. Submit to whatever he wanted. Suck his cock while he did it. After all it's just hair right?

Did you try to please him while he cut and shaved or did you just go through the motions and try to survive it? Did he take a photo when he was done of the hair lying around you? (Mine wants a photo of me surrounded by my hair now, sucking his cock - sadist?) Who cleaned up the mess? I'm sure it was you.
And when he left with your hair in his pocket, how did you feel?
I feel involved. I feel like I took an idea, communicated it and changed someone's life. No, it's not huge. Not in the grand scheme of world events, and it didn't hurt physically, and hopefully it won't hurt the relationship, but it changed it, and I'm pretty sure it was a big deal to her, Anonymous, as it would be for me. And, so I feel, not responsible maybe, but involved, implicated, concerned.
Anonymous, I know you'll come back to read. Please send me an email as I want to talk to you. My Owner wants to talk to your Dom. Or comment here again if you won't...

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  1. sin...

    mouse left her comment on yesterdays's post and it applies nicely to today's as well.


    PS this has been a fascinating discussion! Really a great topic!