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Friday, October 22, 2010

More on Hair

We talked a lot about hair yesterday; about whether I would submit my hair to him, allow him to shave my head.

It's a strictly hypothetical discussion I hope.

I'm sure that if he asked it I would let him. I don't think that there's anything that he asks of me that I don't do. I'm sure I would hate it too.

I said that I would probably try to talk him out of it. And he said he was quite sure he would.

And I'm very sure I would cry the whole time it was happening.

In a kind of dreamy voice he said that he could imagine me at his feet, kneeling on the floor, naked, while he cut and then shaved my hair. He said that he would have his cock in my mouth. He said that he'd have me suck his cock while my hair fell on the floor around me.  Crying.

Obviously the power of that image turned him on a lot. That I would let him shave my head, that he could make me do it, accept it.

There's huge power there isn't there?


  1. Omigod - what an incredibly sexy visual image that is. Whew.

    I hope it stays fantasy!


  2. My head was shaved. It wasn't traumatic for me. I wasn't so attached to my hair as I thought I was. It's growing back now and I know it's growing back for him, fully his. This is new hair that I've never combed for the pleasure of anyone else, that I've never shown for the pleasure of another man. It feels monumental and beautiful and negates any feelings I might have felt when he shaved it off.

    Just my take,


  3. Wow! I just mentioned cutting my hair the other day and Monkey said he would not even talk to me until it grows back.

    But I have to admit, the visual was hot! And as K said, it really could be an awesome gift.

  4. Wouldn't submitting to him cutting your hair be the ultimate act of submission?

    Wouldn't it be evidence that you are his? You should be honored that he is thinking about it.

    And it will grow back.


  5. The answer is YES I would shave my head. There is no such thing as NO. Reluctance can be dealt with and a wig will cover the vanilla situation. Back of my head is shaved thankfully I can still cover it with my long hair. and yes tons of tears with my mouth around his cock while he cut it and then shaved it. I held really still as he pushed my head down his shaft as he stroked the razor up my nape and scalp. He was hard the entire time and came really fast after it was done. I am to remind everyone that our context is subtle because HE likes it not because I do. No more bracelets instead I am wearing small binder clips (Ouch) and a drawing of a kitty using the word cunt on my forearm. He left with a pony tail of hair in his pocket this morning.
    Anonymous from yesterday

  6. this is where i start thinking i'm not a good sub...


  7. Me being willing to shave my head isn't much to offer. I already am pretty thin up there. But shaving my pubes? Hmmm. that would be a little demanding. Mick

  8. this is Molly...i would draw the line here! no guy is worth shaving her head for! if we wind up with cancer and lose our hair -- sad thing, but who in the hell would ask us to shave it? my sixth grade teacher used to say a "woman's hair is her beauty." if he wants to take that away than he really is a masochist.

  9. Sin.. great post.. i dont think i have seen so much dicussion for a long time..

    now for me....
    to be honest i dont know what i would do... part of me hopes.. believes if i was in a 24/7 Master/slave (TPE) relationship then i would not have a choice and do as Master sees fit... but the women in this vanille life is saying No.. that no man is worth me losing my hair for..


  10. sin,

    Here is mouse's two cents on this further discussion. It seems that it would ultimately be up to Omega if mouse's head were shaved or not and mouse would have to trust that Omega has taken lots of things into consideration.

    Some call it a proof of submission, how far is the sub willing to go. It seems that the Dom would have spend a lot of time getting passed his own sexy thoughts (like having his penis in her mouth while it happened), along with the rush of power and scrutinize their dynamic. Is it appropriate? Will she be allowed to wear a wig, and what kind? How will she react to it? Will it cause huge distress that will overwhelm him and undermine their dynamic?

    In other words the people that had or have no issue with it, aren't anymore submissive to their owner than anyone else.


  11. Hi Aisha, yeah, hotter for Him than for me, but I can see some of it. It's power, pure and simple. And I totally hope it stays fantasy.

    Kittenesque, thanks for commenting, you offer a unique and perhaps less afraid view than most of us have. You say it wasn't traumatic, and that you weren't as attached to your hair as you had thought. Maybe that would be true for lots of us. Your perspective on your new hair is very submissive, very sweet, very owned. Thank you so much for sharing this. Why did he shave it? Did you have any warning? What did you feel as it happened? Did you have any fears about what would happen next? So many questions.

    Mindset, it's only a good gift if it's one that he wants I think. If he doesn't it's like buying someone a hugely expensive piece of jewelry that they don't want to wear.

    FloridaDom, for some Doms I am sure it would be the ultimate act of submission. Would it be that for you? It has layers of implications and ramifications I think.

    You also say that I should be honoured that he is thinking about it. Ummm. More on this later I think. And yeah, it would grow back.

    Anonymous, you got your own post. See post for October 23, 2010. I was speechless at first, then started to process what you said and had to write more. I have no way of summarizing what I thought. It's long and complicated.

    KK, you probably wouldn't be a good sub for that particular Master. Isn't it a good thing that we all have different desires?

    Mick and Molly... Mick I think it's very different for a man and a woman to be asked for this or to agree. I think that for women our hair is such a symbol of beauty it's a way bigger deal for us. (And I do hear that shaving your pubes makes your dick look bigger).

    Molly, Molly, Molly, does M read here too? Haven't you learned yet that subs (because you are one of those these days too) don't say NO that emphatically. They say, "I would struggle a lot with this," rather than "I would draw the line here" so that it doesn't make him want to prove he CAN make you.

    Goodgirl, yes it's so complicated isn't it? And such fodder for discussion. Almost completely non-sexual, except that there's enough power in it to have overtones of sex for those of us who are wired that way.

    And mouse, yes I think I agree with you. I am sure that if my Owner was to do this he would have to have taken all the elements into consideration first. I would need to trust that, trust him. I do think that there might be things that were unexpectedly more important than anticipated, there often are, but he would try to anticipate and weigh them.

    You express it so well here when you say that he will have to understand whether it will cause huge distress that will overwhelm him and undermine their dynamic?

    Thank you all for the discussion here and in emails as well. As Mel said it has been a while since there was such discussion about something here. Perhaps no right or wrong answers but something lots of you feel passionately about.


  12. Hey, Sin

    Why did he shave it? Did you have any warning? What did you feel as it happened? Did you have any fears about what would happen next? So many questions.

    He had been threatening to shave my hair for a while. It was a playful threat because of vanity about it. Then one night, he did it. After he started threatening to shave it, I think I realized it would happen and let myself sink into that preparation.

    While it was happening, I don't think I felt very much angst or upset. He did the big chop, the cut that says "there's no going back from this." and then made me shave my head bald while he watched me. It was slow and took about 2 hours to really shave my very thick hair down to the scalp. It took a lot to get as smooth as he wanted and when it was, he washed my scalp, applied moisturizer and then he kissed my head all over.

    I didn't have any fear of what would happen next. I knew what would happen. I would go out with him, in public, in our very small town where everyone knows everyone, and I would be bald. When my head was shaved, I could see my face. I saw a different beauty, I had to try harder for femininity and poise. The effort to be womanly and gentle was magnified. I had to deal with people asking me how long I'd been in remission, assuming I was sick, and giving me pitying smiles. My head was cold all the time and I got headaches if I didn't cover it. I had to shave my head daily to smoothness until the day he told me to stop.

    I miss the shaving. It was a beautiful daily ritual that reminded me intrinsically who I am and to whom I belong.