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Sunday, January 4, 2009


today its hard to not hang around the fridge. I found a pretty book with empty pages to write my food and exercise points in. The book might be too pretty for such a utilitarian purpose, but thats negative thinking isnt it? I have the book, and should use it for something important... and thats me in this case.

It is better for me when i write down what I eat, makes me focus on what I eat, what I will eat, what i have eaten. i eat better things, better portion control. And am less likely to lose control. Though of course its still possible.

I was angry earlier. At the world I think. At injustice and accusations and inattention. From a variety of sources. And my usual response is to turn to food, my old friend. And in this case, in this unusual case, I managed not to. Go me.

I have faith right now. Faith in my desire to succeed at this diet, this change in lifestyle. I want to be thinner, to be prettier and fitter. To run faster. Thats a big one. To run with less effort. That would be amazing.

I wonder if I had pictures of runners, or better maybe of me running, if that would help. I wonder where i need the motivating pictures, on the treadmill? on my computer? on the kitchen cupboards?

I will run on the treadmill too, once I am not on mom duty. And do a thousand loads of laundry. And feel like an accomplished super mom.

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