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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

running is hard

omg it feels good when you stop! I have been running on the treadmill, and I use everything in the world to motivate myself, and its still hard hard hard.

I think about the half marathon I have committed to running. I think about being fitter, thinner, think about fitting into clothes, think about how great my muscles will look, think about being able to run faster than my kids, further, think about impressing them, if only for that one day.

I think about being able to run faster, more easily, with less effort. I think about it getting easier to do the distance, to do the time.

I think about the girl that motivated me to do this, much younger, thinner, fitter, and think about just finishing.

I think about the treat I can have if I finish the run, think about maybe not having the treat, and putting the extra calories towards the grand effort. I think about progress, slow but there.

I think about the songs that are playing. I think about anything I can think of to distract myself.

I think about one more minute, one more song, one more lap.

And then its over. Thank God! Running is hard.


  1. I think you forgot to mention that you also think about standing naked in front of your Dom, when you consider the benefits of your running. We both know you do.

  2. And yes Sir, of course I think about you seeing me naked. And liking what you see better.