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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Game Day

Big Bad Dom asked me early this afternoon if I was going to write another gloating hockey post. I said no, it's not just a hockey blog. (Doesn't seem like he's that taken with the hockey posts - he's American, I'm Canadian, what's not to love there?)

I'll write a bit about our days instead. Starting with the fact that he got dressed and went to church while I stayed home and watched hockey in my nightie and drank Bloody Marys.

Oh, and btw, my team won.

See? It's not ALL about hockey!


  1. Bloody Marys go with hockey?

    Glad your team won. Sweden has all those hot blondes. Canada deserves some consolation.


  2. I think Bloody Marys go with just about anything. Someone suggested that maybe I should have put something alcoholic in the coffee, but that always just seems wrong to me.

    And I noticed that Sweden certainly had lots of hot hockey players. We do too. And we were very consoled.