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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lots of Snow

I know it's snowed a lot everywhere this year. I know. 

At least, it's snowed a lot for places that don't normally see much snow. Lots of nasty winter weather in the south. It's made the news over and over. Traffic and delays and airport shut downs. And I've tried to be sympathetic. I know it's not the same in Georgia or Alabama as it is here in Canada when it snows. They don't expect it. They aren't equipped to deal with it. We are. So it's not nice to make fun of other people who are getting wintery weather.

I live in Canada, so it's supposed to snow. But jeez it seems like a lot this year. This was taken somewhere in central Ontario, fairly recently.

It wasn't taken by me. I've been home shoveling my driveway. Okay, not really. I paid someone to do that this year (thank God!)

So if Sochi needs snow, we could send them some.

Just sayin.


  1. I think you made the right choice in paying someone to shovel!

  2. I've been doing a lot of shoveling here too, Sin. And not just on my blog.

    Hoping it will be Canada or the USA winning the men and women's hockey in Sochi. The Ruskies need a little humility.


  3. Oh gosh sin! That's a lot of snow....honestly at first glance mouse didn't realize it was snow...More like a white wall.

    Really think mouse would just cry. It's been a long, odd winter. Even we've gotten more snow here than usual. But that can be measured in inches and not freaking meters. :) Don't know how you do it.

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