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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Gold Medal Game

I have Olympic fever.

I just do; happens every time.

And this year. Well, we're happy. Canadians are happy and proud of our people.

This afternoon, we are celebrating. Delirious with joy. Thrilled to bits. Our women won gold in hockey (and curling too) today.  

I didn't watch the curling. It's a Canadian sport too but not the obsession that hockey is. But congrats to the undefeated team that wrapped that up today.

But hockey. It's huge to Canadians. Americans have football and baseball and basketball and soccer and some hockey too. We have hockey. And we believe we are great at it and we want to be great at it and celebrate it and ... well you know.

Olympic hockey is really between the American and Canadian teams. No one else has a team in the same league. I'm very knowledgeable (not) about women's hockey. Okay, I'm really not, though I'm getting that way. I know a couple of girls who are playing hockey well enough that we have to notice. And I'm really proud of them.

So anyway... hockey. We won this afternoon. It looked like we were going to lose. It looked like we were going to get our asses kicked actually. And then, suddenly, we scored and then we tied and then, in overtime, we won.

How do I know? I was watching it. My kid was watching it in school. Everyone was watching it. 

And on the way to that win, there was this part where we pulled our goalie, and the Americans almost scored on the empty net and the puck miraculously bounced off the post instead, so we put the goalie back (and probably all said a prayer of thanksgiving) and then we won.

And you could hear rejoicing all over town, and all over facebook and as it turns out all across the country.

We love winning Olympic hockey. We'd like to win mens hockey too. A lot. I'm sure lots of people consider that that's the "real game". And in a way, it is, I get that. And I want to win it. I hope we do. But all the men on those teams are already rick and famous and acknowledged as great. So, it's a huge deal to win at the Olympics, but ... maybe not as big in a way as for these women who... give their all to this, for years and years and years without much return. And then this.

Do you think they'll be saying this to the guys tomorrow? Maybe! I do kind of love that idea. And yeah, it's all over facebook where I live.

And yes we are assholes about it when we win.


  1. It was such an awesome game, and I am so glad we pulled out the win.

  2. congratulations, Sin....great game by the ladies. And at least we know the Ruskies won't medal for the mens.


  3. Congratulations subgirl and to all of Canada. It was an incredible comeback, as you said.

  4. It was a great game. Got to watch it last night on the DVR. Congratulations to you and all our northern neighbors:-)