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Monday, February 10, 2014

Go Canada!

Canada is winning at the Olympics. Now you'll think this is boastful. And it is. And that it's a bit obnoxious. Yeah, that too.

But we're winning. For the first time ever. EVER.

And I know it's unlikely to last.

But right now, we're rocking this Olympic thing!

We have 7 medals. 3 gold, 3 silver and a bronze!

These two sisters won gold and silver in women's moguls. Justine and Chloe Doufour-Lapointe must be pretty damn happy. 

And whether it lasts or not, it doesn't take anything away from how amazing these athletes are and how proud we are of them.

And I'm very proud to be a Canadian! Every time I hear the anthem (and it's all over the news) I'm all choked up!

Go Canada!


  1. From our place with one bronze from our first ever medal on snow! We salute you too. Takes me back to 2012 :)

  2. Yes ... we won't win the most medals at the Olympics but I don't think we have ever meet on top of the leader board before ... ever!!! That right there is something to be proud of! Our goal is to better ourselves from the last games & I think we have already done that soooo ... GO CANADA GO!!! We are so proud!!!!!

  3. Congratulations, so far! I love the Canadian anthem. I used to watch tons of hockey, so got very familiar with it. Once upon a time, the ex and I flew to a far off land, and we had a stop-over in Canada, and as we approached the stop we sung the Canadian anthem. People around us probably thought we were nuts. Hee.